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Snert is a soup brought to the Americas by Dutch pioneers in the late 1600's. It is made of split green peas and (originally) sow belly, celeriac, celery, leek, union and carrot were added. At the end of the cooking process (approx. 2 hours) a sliced smoked pork sausage is added.
Snert is a heavy winter dish that grew popular over time in the USA under the name: "Split Pea Soup". There are many variations but the link below (Dutchpeasoup) refers to the original Dutch recipe.
by Jeehaa October 14, 2011
U15 refers to girls under the age of 15 and is a Japanese pedophile code for this kind of filth. Nowadays it mainly refers to underage girls posing in bikini, bathing suit or underwear. Before 1999 however, there was no law against child pornography in Japan and booklets and magazines where freely available in bookstores and kiosks all around the country.
by Jeehaa October 14, 2011

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