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The proper way to pronounce the username of a

Famous troll, Axzeux, on GameFAQs. The utterance of it's name forces it into a furious rant.

It is said if you say it's name backwards it will disappear.

It's often used as a general term for any troll.
Randomuser223:Hey Sneezy I think...

Axzeux: OMG! Blah, Blah, Blah! Trol! Troll! Troll!
by BeachBoxerz August 14, 2010
When a man ejaculates inside one nostril and it comes out the other.
Man I just gave her a sneezy, for reedy!
by Jumpa December 31, 2014
a fatty blunt (bleezy) but with only the best of the best chron inside. its called sneezy because when your done cheifin it, you should look somethin' like sneezy from cinderella and the seven dwarfs.
hey man, its sneezy time. -or- when are you rollin that sneezy?
by J-Snort February 18, 2009
having the style of a black skater
"did you see that tre that lil nag did?"
"ya...its was sneezy..."
by abalaca February 09, 2009
1.When a whore/slut wont leave you alone. thats a sneezy. and is hella annoying, just like a sneeze.

2. A chink on crack.
Shit hoe get off my fuckin nuts sneezyyy!!!

'Fuck you.'
'Don't talk to me you dirty sneezy.'

Ho Fung Lee looks rather perky today. That sneezy.
by mia bo bia June 29, 2006
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