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Used to describe somebody who has done anything out of the ordinary, usually negatively. This may include, but is not limited to, embarrassing moments, rude acts, annoying behaviors, unfunny jokes, and arrogant comments. This is usually said to friends as an endearing term.
Anthony: That test was so easy! I think I aced it!
Ben: You're a sneeb.

Mike: Aww, man. I think she just clogged your toilet.
Sproul: What a sneeb!
by ChunkyChunk June 03, 2009
A variation of ceebs or cbf meaning i can So Not Be Fucked.
Adam:Oi Shane wanna go to the shops?
Shane: nah man sneebs
by westyMcwest August 27, 2010
1. To greet a fellow american. 2.After one gets drunker than 10,000 Indians and proceeds to brand the letter "Y" into there arm. 2. A friendly jester to another fellow. 3. Common food such as peanut butter, mac and cheese, even possibly a bag of chips.
Most commonly used as the catch phrase: "Hey Sneeb"

"Look at all those Sneebs at McArnolds"

"aye bud, could you pass me those sneebs

friend food drunk buddy enemy
by McForesk June 27, 2011
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