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Cristyn Is the unique was to spell the traditional version. A person with the name Cristyn is as unique as the spelling, she Is an adventurous person with a free spirit. A person with this name Is stubborn for what she wants, but has a huge heart for those who deserve it. Nothing In life can bring one with the name Cristyn down, she is too strong-willed and driven to ever hit rock bottom. Life likes to throw a lot of bad towards one with the name Cristyn, but she has the capability to knock it out of the ball park every time. Cristyn's are sweet and caring, focused and driven, but enjoy life to the complete fullest. Cristyn's are naturally beautiful, inside and out and require their friends and family to help them out in times of need.
Person: What's your name?
Cristyn: It's Cristyn, with a C and a Y!
Person: That's different! I like it!

You don't want to mess with a Cristyn, they know what they're doing!

I wish my parents named me Cristyn, It's so unique!
#kristen #kristin #christan #crissy #chris
by Cristyn-with-a-CY September 06, 2011
a sweet girl thats like to have fun.brown hair. her and her sister look alike. also she loves guys names that start with the letter D theres a 88% chance that she will go out with a guy named dylan. also you hide things from your dady and you very much like dylan on the inside but you dont want to come clean with it.
my frind had the name and this was all true abt her and her name was Cristyn
#funny #look like sister #loves guys named dylan #fun #loves to party
by david lezibiaqn November 11, 2010
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