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When someones nipples get really hard and show through their shirt.
John: Yo, you see that lady's nipples!
Brandon: She got a snee son!
by J-Diggz January 21, 2008
A word to say whenever the hell you feel like it. Especially if it causes confusion to outsiders.
"Snee! How you been?"
"I just Snee'd some Snee's for their Snee and they were like, 'Snee?'"
"Haha that's Snee."

"Are you seriously about to Snee that?"
by Beco Yokosli August 30, 2010
the act of smoking marijuana. an alternative word for toking
hey Pat, you wanna snee out of my new bong?
by Panama Red October 15, 2007
Someone(s) cool and rad as hell.
Evan: Look at those girls they're Snee af.
Luke: Yeah, Chelsey,Becca, and Katie are so Snee.
by Chelslay December 02, 2014
A word to describe female gentials such as the vagina.

Also used to describe a female that you find good looking.
I got me some good snee lastnight.

That girl over there is defiantly snee
by Leqqende August 06, 2014
Slang for Marijuana.

Often used as a code word by teenagers when in front of parents to keep their habit secret.
Cam: Yo man, wanna snee later?

Joe: Yeah bro lets do it
by DaRealSlimShady January 26, 2014
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