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1) One who when confronted with the chance to touch vag does not hesitate.
2) One who snatches the opportunity to snatch snatch
3) Andrew
"I didn't say you could touch me there you snatcher!"

Strippers/Bouncers - "Quick somebody catch that snatcher"
Snatcher - "Cheese it!"
A video game released by Konami in 1988, directed by Hideo Kojima.
I just got an MSX2 machine and Snatcher! This weekend is going to rule!
by BloodDemon May 24, 2013
1) One who snatches.
2) A Mexican.
3) A robot that may or may not have signs of Melanoma.
Episode 1:
Bobby Evans: I'm the snatcher; I stole your pooding!
Davo: And I caughts ya, nigga!

Episode 2:
Davo: Look at this snatcher I apprehended!
Luis: I didn't do nuttin', holmes!
Bobby Evans: Good work, now get me some pooding.

Episode 3:
Davo: Whoa, why'd you shoot that Mexican with Melanoma?
Bobby Evans: He was a snatcher. He decapitated my beloved Luis!
Davo: Good work, now get me some pooding.
by HugeBreasticle March 29, 2005
A person who constantly takes things without asking.
"I'm never inviting that kid to a party again, fucking guy is a snatcher."
by Agracuddles January 24, 2009
Commonly referred to females with certain qualities that males are simply not interested in. This could refer to "Red Heads" (because of their "Fire Crotches") An easy girl (or tramp) and lastly, a plain old ugly girl.
Mike: Check out that red head over there -
Eric: Nah dude shes a snatcher.

Eric: Yo I slept with Crystal last night
Billy: who hasn't? That girls a snatcher.
by UnderØath July 14, 2008
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