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3 definitions by UnderØath

A person that is so stupid they would reach their hand into a Tiger's cage and attempt to pet it...and then try to sue the Zoo because the angry Tiger that was wrongfully taken from its home in Africa, bit off the Tiger Petters hand.
Little Billy cannot be that dumb, he tried to pet the pissed off tiger at the zoo...Tiger Petter for sure.
by UnderØath October 13, 2008
1 4
The act of peeing inside a vagina while having a 3 sum without her knowing it, pull out, push on her stomach like your doing the Heimlich maneuver and watch as a gush of piss squirts on the 3rd's face.
The other girl in the 3 sum was pissing me off so I made sure she got Sloppy Bobby'd right in the eye.
by UnderØath October 16, 2008
7 14
Commonly referred to females with certain qualities that males are simply not interested in. This could refer to "Red Heads" (because of their "Fire Crotches") An easy girl (or tramp) and lastly, a plain old ugly girl.
Mike: Check out that red head over there -
Eric: Nah dude shes a snatcher.

Eric: Yo I slept with Crystal last night
Billy: umm...wow who hasn't? That girls a snatcher.
by UnderØath July 14, 2008
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