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Cat Food of the wet variety, canned cat food.
The cats enjoy a wide variety of snarlf, including chicken & livers, turkey & giblets, and crab & sardine.
by Buster Brown August 15, 2005
11 1
The noise you make when you snort and almost swallow your tongue at the same time. Usually happens when you are laughing hysterically when you're high.
Every time Bob would laugh, he'd snarlf because he was so baked.
by giustina September 30, 2006
7 7
bored but liking it, usually accompanied by hyperness, and craziness. May be dangerous if boredom persists.
Fonzie was overwhelmed with snarlf when he was stuck at home because he decided to break his for the second time.
by Ariel130 July 16, 2008
0 4