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the annoying sound the cup makes when the liquid is gone.
Cassie, stop snarfling, there's nothing left in that cup!
by S@M0wiTz December 29, 2009
snarf /snärf/

–verb (used with object), -ed
1. To Steal. Specifically, to steal in such a way as to make the theft unlikely to be noticed; esp.

1. the act or practice of snarfling.

snarfled -v
"I awoke to see that someone had masterfully snarfled all the Cereal in the house."

snarfling -v
"When I turned the corner to see what was making all the rustling I saw phillip snarfling all of the cupcakes!".

snarf -n
"Andrew and I ran out of snacks. We both decided to proceed upon a great snarf in order to procure some confections from my mother's kitchen."

snarfler -n
"I had left all my cookies on the window sill to cool and when I returned I discovered a great snarfler had stolen every other chocolate chip so that no one would ever find out".
by sabricks April 23, 2009
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