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The new gangsta way to snap ones fingers involving, but not limited to, hitting your thumb against one or more of your fingers so that a sound resembling a loud snap occurs.

Associated with OH SNAP in the sense of playfulness and congratulatory measures.
1. After he emerged from the bedroom, it was evident he had intercourse with Cindy. Everyone erupted into a snap attack.

2. As he smacked the ho, George's friend broke into a snap attack.

3. With spilled chocolate milk in his lap, Jeffrey's friends laughed in conjunction with a snap attack.
by G-Hud January 26, 2009
To unknowingly snapchat a picture of a target, then send it to the individual with a written caption ending with #snapattack
1. As I walked past Mike cleaning, I realized the perfect moment for a snapattack, sending him a picture of himself ass up cleaning # snapattack.
2. Also a game in which a said amount of people gain points for the most snapattacks of one another.
by Jsacc106 February 04, 2014