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A typical Dublin (Ireland) slang for a secret meeting between a boy and girl, often when they are in a relationship with someone else, usually involves a "romantic" trip to the local park.
I caught John on a snakey with Craig's girlfriend last night
by touchys June 24, 2010
Australian, adjective, angry; upset; mean; dirty; etc.
He's a snakey old bastard.
by herbie August 31, 2004
awesome purple liquid that brings happiness and well-being to all those that grace their throats with its' glorious fruity lager/cider/jucee goodness
Two 4-pint jugs of your finest snakey please, oh barkeeper of the Thirsty Camel, Exeter
by Cardinal July 28, 2003
A phenomenon originally involving two snakes, face-to-face, simultaneously trying to eat each other. Can now be used to describe two humans engaging in a simlar process - probably kissing.
Those two have got quite a snakey going on there!
by The Great Bonzo January 14, 2006
An angry little fat kid who is also usually a huge duster
I'm trying to get away from that snakey but his dust cloud is blinding me!
by unrealswag December 31, 2009
Urban slang for bumsnake
Yo dog you be a snakey mo-fo
by Snake'n'bake April 21, 2009
short for snakebite.half cider half lager. (not purple!!!!)
two pints of snakey pet.
by ipw June 09, 2004