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Global Mod @ suprnovaforums.com
If you are a global mod at SNF called M@W then it is rather obvious that you are highly intelligent, super sexy & have a huge pecker.
by M@W July 20, 2004
Adminess at suprnovaforums
Adminess @ SNF and general goddess of all things kinky, ambrosia is the mistress and Loki is her slave.
by M@W August 13, 2004
Snakey - Technical Advisor at suprnovaforums.com
Snakey is the owner of a love shack several species of whale and some very strange fetishes.
by M@W July 20, 2004
Global Mod at suprnovaforums.com, Site Mod at suprnova.org
KillerG PWNS he is the forum alcoholic
by M@W July 20, 2004
Admin of www.suprnovaforums.com
FD is an Administrator at suprnovaforums
by M@W July 20, 2004
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