Top Definition
1. A general term for snacking.
2. Apeasing the munchies.
1. Dude, lets go snack off. I'm starving.
2. Bro I was sooo blazed last night, I snacked off until i passed out in bed.
by tehwizewon December 03, 2009
A male receiving head. Oral sex for a man.
Boyfriend- Baby you trying to do that special thing tonight?
Girlfriend- Oh you mean...?
Boyfriend- Yea you trying to snack off
by Glen CoCo15 January 31, 2011
1). Quenching your sexual frustration by eating (junk food)
2). Masturbating while eating (junk food)
I swear, Laverne, if Justin locks himself in the bathroom to snack off one more time, I'm throwing away the Cheez-Its.
by Monty S March 20, 2008
To jack off while eating a snack that makes you more horny such as a donut or a twinkie.
Dude, I just had a huge snackoff last night!
by hornyjackoffer April 05, 2009
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