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A unit of linear measure equal to one metre
Hopefully the snow coverage stays less than half a smythe's length (0.5m)
by Pseudonymisadumbword September 08, 2016
To be a gay cunt. To suck doodle or just do gay shit.
Jason smyth is a gay cunt
by Poo Sucker 69 May 13, 2016
To make big plans but not follow through with them
Kieran was going to go to stay in Australia for a year but he smythed out after 2 weeks
by GildoBaggins October 17, 2008
Another way to write the name "Smith", with the silly notion that it actually makes the person with the name seem more unique, when they really aren't.
Joe Smyth?
It's prenounced SMITH, but spelled with a "y".
by Louie Ed June 26, 2008
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