A word that can be used in any situation, good or bad. One of the adaptable words known to man.
1. Dag yo, I heard theres a massive gangbang goin on in here.

2. Dag yo! (good)

3. Dag yo... (bad)

4. Dag yo, thats fucked up. (bad)

5. Dag yo, Im hungry!
by Grant January 27, 2004
A brilliant phrase with many uses, positive and negative
can be used to say a variety of things
nice pants !
dag yo !

i think i just fractured my pelvis !
dag yo !

I'm my own grandpa !
dag yo !
by mattster333 October 29, 2006
Street slang for the word Damn. Often used, but not limited to those of a ginger decent.
Man 1: Damn bitch, yo hair is red as fire!!!

Man 2:Dag yo.
by getajob5389 June 30, 2009
1.from the teen girl squad saying meaning- oh ya!
2.ah crap
frank-that guys name is chad.
joe-dag yo
by georgton November 13, 2004
Exclamation made when something unpleasant happens. Similar to damn, used to express annoyance
A: I failed Algebra
B: Dag Yo
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Expression for feeling adrenaline flow in good or bad situation.
DAG YO! That girl is hot! or Dag yo. This is gay.
by nylin March 11, 2006
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