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It's a shortened word for so much ,becoming an adjective.
I love my family S'much it overjoys me.
by cathayes April 02, 2010
The combination of the words So and Much.

The lazy persons way of saying so much.

A typo by a beloved GM on a Ragnarok Online Server
I love you smuch.

I drank smuch I'm gonna barf.

She wears smuch make up, she rivals Courtney Love.
by Missus Rx February 27, 2011
so much.

used for text messaging and IM-ing to say when stuff's happening, instead of just saying not much no matter what's actually happening.
What's up?
by changinupdalingo April 02, 2011
what you say when someone inquires "sup"
hey nizzit, sup whi' chu' "smuch biatch just illin' and chillin' with a gin and juice"
by hellfish(the yellow dart)gt March 25, 2003

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