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A mother or overbearing girlfriend that smothers their adult child/ boyfriend with too much love, affection, bossy demands and food.
She is such a 'smother'- her poor boyfriend has to wear whatever she tells him to.
by Deme May 09, 2008
When a heavier person aligns their body on top of a lighter person, such that the lighter person has the sensation of being squashed and unable to breathe.
Girl says to boy while rolling around in bed on a lazy sunday: "can you smother meee?"
by nikitabomm October 19, 2010
(noun, proper noun) an overbearing mother; a mother who is a helicopter parent.
related: grandsmother; great-grandsmother; smother-in-law
Ben: Smother called me at 1:30 in the morning to make sure I made it home.

Billy: You forgot to call her when you got home? She had to assume you were dead in a ditch somewhere.
by madmike001 October 02, 2009
A wet, creamy, soft poop. It is often conpaired to ice cream.
Dude 1: hey man I just had the best smother
Dude 2: hey same
Dude 1: cool.
Dude 2: ya.
by Gambino rocks March 27, 2015
A sister who acts/wants to be the mother.
My s-mother keeps telling my brother and I what to do.
by smack dub July 12, 2010
an overprotective mother
"His smother won't let him go to the party."
by lisaboo July 27, 2007
When a man puts his dick in a girls mouth while she is upsidedown and puts his balls on her nose
"Yo I was crackin up last night cuz my girl was coughing while i was smothering her"
by SDfan April 11, 2008
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