Suck Me Off Bitch
Ohh you dont like the way im talking to you well you can SMOB!!
by Lynchmob88 December 07, 2010
Top Definition
To drive very fast and aggressively pass someone you are racing/ following.
Did you see me smob that weak-ass 'vette?
by Shando January 27, 2004
to be an amazing person in all ways and just a really cool guy, the guy right for the job.
Really cool person: Hey I was talking to Hal the other day, he's sooo cool.

Jessica Alba: I know right? He's such a SMOB.
by e13rosen January 17, 2011
Acronym for the phrase "suck me off bitch"
Oh look at my watch, now that Grey's Anatomy is over its time to S.M.O.B.
by PutIt2Work September 26, 2007
(verb) To smile while sobbing; smiling and sobbing at the same time - usually from experiencing so much joy that it makes you cry.

also, smobbing or smobbed
After many years of not seeing each other, the two long lost girlfriends found each other at the airport, hugged tightly and uncontrollably smobbed.
by Rickyumyum September 22, 2012
Used to describe a female who is a passive aggressive frigid fag hag with chip the size of Texas on her shoulder. She will also turn any situation into moaning about how crap her life is.
Person 1: *Tells long winding story about how crap her childhood was* I know by posting this I am giving my enemies here ammunition. It would be pretty goddamn low of any of them to use any of this but if they did, it would show me that they are no better than the people mentioned above, i.e. they are scum.

Person 2: You are such a smob!
by notasmob January 21, 2011
you can use this word in place of any word you want. adjective, verb, noun, whatever.
you are such a smob

i am smobbing you

lets smob!!
by Allison September 17, 2004
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