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An additional physical sense possessed by some robots in the television series Futurama.
"I would trade any of my other senses, even smission..."
by Tim Thomason November 21, 2007

1) An instance in which God takes it upon himself to personally destroy an object, city, or people with his finger.
2) A phrase used to clarify what has just happened in a game of dungeons and dragons.
DM: And so after defiling your God's temple he doth smote you.

Player 1: Smote? What's that?

Player 2: It's like Smission! SMISSION FROM ABOVE!
by PenguinsForHire February 08, 2006
A "smission" is a smeeze and a mission. For the teenagers a smeeze is a dirty, whore-ish, and hoe-ish male/female. A mission is when you chill with a male/female and you wanna try to accomplish a mission(a sexual activity). So when you go on a mission your trying to get some in so many words.
Yo bro im about to go get this smission so we can get the neck.
by JiFF-EE January 02, 2011

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