1: To suck a d**k (S for "suck", M for "my", and ick for "d**k").
2: F*ck you, f*ck off, or just "f*ck".

"Smick, Smick, Smick, bitch!"
by Toes August 11, 2006
A person of Peurto Rican and Irish descent.
Yeah I'm a Smick. You gotta problem bitch?
by Jesus Christ March 27, 2004
Suck my dick (s for "suck", m for "my", and ick for "dick").
"Smick, smick, smick, bitch!"
by Toes (aka Towz) August 29, 2007
A quick kiss; a peck, usually on the cheek.
Person 1: So, did you two make out?
Person 2: Nah, he only gave me a smick.
by nosugarmama September 30, 2004
Verb. To smoke a cigarette.

see also "Swick"
I'll be right back, gotta go smick.
by The Harristonian October 14, 2004
A smelly hick.
"raymond winslow is a smelly hick"
by dick fitswell August 24, 2003
I wear a gas mask to the construction site, cause my amigos eat taco-bell all day! Raymond Winslow is a smelly some bitch, he don't need no Taco-bella to skank out da fellas!
Get a butt-plug and take a shower..you smelly Hick! I take your shot-gun away until you shower your filthy assclown!

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