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Lubricating fluid secreted from the anus before, during and after anal penetration.
Often it is mixed with excrement and emits a pungent, pooey stench.
1."I need a shower, that dude left smekk all over my phallus!"
2."My word squire, that is a particularly smekky broth."

by Smek King November 27, 2008
Smekk- is a word used to describe extremely over-exaggerated teen drama based around teenage girls. Also known to be a powerful and dangerous streetgang roaming norwegian streets and eliminating everything in their path.
"Why is the school smekking so much?"

"Oh lookout, there's SMEKK! RUN FOR UR LIVES NIGGA!"
" i cant believe smekk is having the same subject as me,help!"
by fuckingjohntravolta April 24, 2015
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