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the annoying douchey fag of the group. this man usually has no direction in life. quits every job he gets, does copious amounts of drugs and has a high pitched annoying squeaky voice. A smeeze can usually drive a person insane with his annoying smeezed out attitude. A smeeze is also a thief and can steal his friends drugs from time to time. A smeeze is known to be the douchebag of the town that everybody is sick of and will never leave because he gets too homesick. Nobody likes a smeeze.
Things got very lame once the smeeze arrived
by daveydoff February 27, 2011
combination of sleeze and smut. talking about an extremely dirty bitchhh.
That smeeze is so dirty that i made sure my boy wouldn't touch that nookie.
by hehhh July 13, 2006
To accidentally laugh, cough, or simply exhale while smoking out of a pipe, causing weed to fly out.
Don't say that joke while Jerry is hitting it, or he will smeeze.

Dude you smeezed!
by SirSmursALot January 16, 2009
A girl with no respect for herself.
That bitch is a shameless Smeeze. A complete smut
by That_One_Girl March 21, 2008
similar to hoe or some smut.
Oh my god that girl is smeeze.
by DiMPLESz December 27, 2007
dirty ass slut; hoe, bitch
That smeeze has a fat ass.
Shut up you smeeze ass hoe.
by Doug E Fresh November 29, 2004
Combination of SMILING and CHEESE! when taking a picture.
SMEEZE for the camera!
by smeezer May 07, 2011

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