1)The ability to give oneself a blowjob, much as the LOR character must have been able to.
2)Led the Indian subcontinant in rebellion against the British empire by use of non-violent civil disobedience
3)Lord of the Jungle
4)The result of sneezing on your windshield.
5)A nagging feeling that somebody is stalking you in their underwear. Or someone else's underwear, that's not really the issue, is it?
6)The secretion from the tip of the penis.
1)Frodo knew the ring was affecting him when he realized he didn't need Sam to blow him anymore. He could give himself a Smeagol.
2)Smeagol was assasinated within a year of gaining independance for the people of India.
3)Jane was strangely drawn to Smeagol, and would throw him fish in order to get him to blow himself. This aroused her and nauseated her at the same time.
4)The police officer pulled the car over, because of a high density of smeagol obstructing the driver's view. Who knew, it was David Hasselhof! The officer squeegeed a souvenir and let the singer/actor go on his way with a warning.
5)The naked cowboy was following me around Times Square the other day. WTF?
6)The hobbits understood from Gandolf that circumsision would rid them of any more problems from Smeagol.
by Felix the territorial cat February 16, 2008
Top Definition
The dude that wants and DESERVES the precious. He had it in the first place and Frodo only has it because Bilbo stole it. Bilbo must die forever and ever.
It's mine. My Own. My precious.
by Smi November 28, 2004
the equivalent of a crackhead in the real world.
smeagol wants to smoke the preeeeciousssss
by urban asshole February 27, 2010
1. (noun) A twisted, anorexic creature that desires one thing alone: the One Ring.

2. (verb) To be obsessively selfish or possessive over an object or person.
1. Smeagol WANTS IT!!

2. Dude, stop smeagoling my woman.
by DanDare September 04, 2003
Verb: To act in a sneaky, sly, or conniving manner. Generally, when one 'smeagols' something from another. It's a sneaky form of thievery, generally between friends, and is not used to express anger. It can be used in different ways however, for instance, cutting in front of somebody in line (He smeagolled his way to the front). As long as it's sneaky and lightly dishonest, it's 'smeagolling.'
Derived from the character Smeagol in lord of the rings.
When Jack said he was leaving, he actually went up into my room and smeagolled a movie from me.
When the car beside us slowed, i sped up and smeagolled my way into his spot.
by Reed7777 July 07, 2006
The best and most lethal creature on the planet.
contruary to popualar beleif, he IS alive and the only reason that he died in the book(and the movie) was because J.R.R.Tolkien wanted the good side (frodo) to win.
smeagol is more than a *quote* anorexic slimey creature that wants the precious *end quote*.

The only thing smeagol loves is the precious, a powerful and beautiful ring that turns its wearer invisible.

smeagol will squeeze you, you smeagol-hater.
smeagol wantsss the preciousssssss.
smeagol squeeezzessssss.
by QueenAmonWoo July 04, 2006
A creature that has been corrupted bye the One Ring of Power for over 500 years. He persues the new berer of the ring, Frodo and then becomes frodo's guide to go to modor where he will try to kill Frodo for it.
Smeagol: "What did we ever do to the fat hobbit?!"
Sam: "He wants to kill us!"
by Mike Weiss February 14, 2004
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