The act of convincing a friend to do something fun, when he or she clearly has other responsibilities and/or sleep to attend to. This strategy is often employed when seeking another player for a video game or board game.
Pete: "Dude, time for another round of Smash Bros."
Matt: "But it's 1am, and I still have two papers to write!"
Pete: "Come on, just one round! Chuck and Pat are in! *Smeagol voice* You knows you wants to..."
Matt: "Fine, you smeagoled me."
by DK64 February 08, 2014
When your partner is asleep, creep over their body/head while masturbating and breathing heavily and creepily. Finally, ejaculate into your partners hair, and or eyes while whispering "precious".
Guy 1: (breathing heavy) .....preciousssss....

Sleeping girl : Hmmmm, what the....


Sleeping girl : SMEAGOL!
by Mr. Game and Watch October 24, 2013
to subtly make your way into something
Did that man just smeagol his way in front of the line?
by mgargiulo April 24, 2011
Dakota fanning is a smeagol
by The beast123 February 18, 2009
Hobbit consumed by the One Ring, yesssss, my Precioussssssssss. His true name is Westron was Trahald.
Sméagol died in the War of the Ring
by Korora November 14, 2003
Perhaps the greatest boxer short ever made?
Who knows, we'll have to wait until Jan. 2006 until they are released (About the time it takes Peter Jackson to get dressed in the morning).
As the Gollum's pushed up the bar of boxer comfort, so will the Smeagols.
Also see: WORDGollum 3000's/WORD if you cant wait until the release date.
by Rob Kabrovski October 28, 2003
an object/person that persistently tries to insert another object in your asshole
dude that fucking smeagol keeps on trying to stick that pole up my butt!
by mkorm June 04, 2013

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