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drunk off your fucking ass
Man: What did you do Saturday Night
Your Daughter: I was smeaged motherfucker
Man: Were you hung over
Your Daughter obvi
by devils devils March 11, 2011
A state of drunkenness beyond all others. While your normal drinker passes out, one who is smeaged plays through to the A.M., continually drinking in excess, somehow, someway. Smeaging results in memory loss and good stories. AKA, Dallas Downs Syndrome.
At Destin for the 4th, an all day drinking binge results in your friend, Dallas, who is smeaged, disappearing. At about 5am when most others are passed out for the night, your smeaged friend is still going strong, talking to random folks about Lynyrd Skynyrd and Auburn football. The smeaged friend then passes out on a beach float in someone's driveway.
by hardmbe September 04, 2008
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