noun: a necrophiliac monkey
Look at that Smay, humping that dead body over there...
by stims November 22, 2003
Top Definition
Smay is everything and nothing. Smay is the sand in the desert and the darkness in your heart. Smay is the glue that holds life together and the claws that tear life apart. Smay is a philosophy and a religion, a lifestyle and an experience. It is like the ouroboros, a symbol of death and rebirth. It is the least funny joke and the most hilarious tragedy.

Smay is a substitute for every word, for any word, for anything that English has not advanced far enough to cover. If aliens asked us to define our species in one word, any sane man would chose "Smay."
I got smay all over my backpack the other day.

I tripped last night and smayed myself.

Valentine's day always makes me feel kind of smay.

When I graduated, all I could feel was smay.
by Judah S.S. May 25, 2010
localized synonym for marijuana
oh shit dude there some smay left in the bong
by foglife July 11, 2008
a sinister older sibling, most often an older brother
ow! stop it steve, your such an annoying smay!
by ferret December 14, 2003
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