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from the animated series "Home Movies", season four, episode called "Honkey Magoo"; Jason wants to call the lost dog "Smatchmo the trumpeteer"; alluding to "Satchmo" aka Louis Armstrong, a famous Jazz trumpeter.
"I want to name him Smatchmo the trumpeteer."
#home movies #jason #melissa #brendan #honkey magoo
by Billye May 28, 2008
5 Words related to Smatchmo
1)-A 'Smatchmo' is a disgusting being that uses it's own vomit as a weapon, like a spider, and then eats it's victom whole. A smatchmo will vomit at the site of anything abnormal such as bright colors or music.

2)-Dumb female security guard.
Stop fooling around, 'Smatchmo' is coming.
by Natate Grande February 19, 2003
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