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When something smells like another thing tastes.
Bleu cheese salad dressing smastes like paint.
by Julia January 03, 2005
The Ask a Ninja's ninja art for foresight. Combining the human sense of smell and it's incredible connection to one's memory and the feeling one gets of being so close (to the future) they can taste it to remember things just before they happen, giving just enough time to react.
During his smaste training, the ninja was able to fade into the darkness just before his target emerged through the door.
by ToneA May 21, 2009
Sensory input that lies just between the borders of "smell" and "taste".
That casserole was good and everything, but it had an odd smaste.
by Snagglegrass December 01, 2003
When something tastes like the smell of something else.
Those lime tic tacs smaste like my grandpa's house!
by Travel Sized March 06, 2011
The art of breathing in through your mouth and taste/smelling an object, usually a food. See: smasting.
J: "Here Ben, smaste this can of coke!"
B: "Aw, Dude, all i can smaste is the metal!"
by jayseven May 05, 2005
What you would imagine the taste of something to be based on it's smell.
Scenario 1:
"Dude this tastes like ass."
"Wow, you really know what ass tastes like?"
Scenario 2:
"Dude, this smastes like ass."
"Fuck you, I cooked that!"
by TheRFellow April 04, 2010
The taste sensation by which the ingested substance tastes like the smell of something else. Commonly used when the pungent substance involved is unpleasant or unlikely to be tasted (see example)
'This apple pie smastes of concrete'
by Amos K. Vimto September 02, 2008
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