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It is where you take the time to plan your masturbation session, meaning it involves thought from well before. It indicates the type of porn and porn stars etc are thought of in advance (YOU MUST BE EXCITED FOR THIS). You must be able to watch it with the sound at optimum level and have all videos (downloaded or streamed) ready to watch before you start. You should have the house to yourself so you can pleasure yourself however many times you feel necessary.
At lunch today all I could think about at was smashturbating over Laura Love when I get home.

P "Hey mate what are you doing today?"

P "Hey what is your favourite thing to do when you got time spare?
G "Smashturbate!!!"
by Phil_This March 12, 2011
when a male masturbates harder than he normally does.
johnny went home and smashturbated until he was sore.
by Fredrick Soft July 02, 2010
To smash out a quick furious wank ( Masturbate furiously)
"Hold on guys before we go out tonight im going to go to the toilet and Smashturbate."
by m4tye October 05, 2015
at a young age when a boy get his first boner and does not know what to do so he smashes it in between the fridge door
i smashturbated until it turned red and my mom caught me.
by Paul, not the one from KS March 03, 2011
to smash yourself
when you wanna smash someone but you cant so you go home and smashturbate
by frprtz March 29, 2010
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