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A quick but unelegant burglary or theft.
"You want me to perform a smash n' grab at London-Freaking-Yard!?" - Lupin The 3rd
by J/P July 07, 2005
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Simply means "in and out" and can therefore apply to a great many things. You do the math.
"She's gone to her parents for the week!"
"Amazing, smash n grab to Bobby's Sauna this weekend then?"


"She says she'll leave me if I don't do a smash n grab to the registry office!"
"Jesus, she found out about Bobby's Sauna?"
by OB August 02, 2005
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When a playa gets all up and wasted at a hot soire anh is pushin up on all the supa dope fine honeys.
Girl to friend: the party was john blaze and jumpin until Levi tried to play smash n grab on me..

Friend:Damn Gurrl.........
by Levi Yockey October 11, 2004
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When a car stops at a light or stop and someone usually smashes your window to grab a purse or something of value from your car.
This usually happens in the city of New York or in Puerto Rico, or wherever their are Puerto Ricans. (Beware)
Andy:Wow what happen to your car?
Janet: Some puerto rican smashed my window and tried to take my purse while I was waiting for my friend but I sprayed him with mace and then I threw his boriqua butt out.
Andy: Good one janet!! So he did not get your white check...good.
by makinde October 03, 2003
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When describing the quality of a piece of work, smash-and-grab means
unoriginal, poor and inconsistent.
Her latest book, "The Caged Virgin", is a (smash n grab) aggregation of inconsistencies, platitudes and poor scholarship.
by Diab August 14, 2006
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To have anal sex with a man while having the common curtesy of giving him a reach around.
I smashngrab that guy in the public toilets at deny's
by jeffrey dobbey April 22, 2017
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