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3 definitions by makinde

1.Yeah right
2.When a person knows it's not going to happen no matter what they say or try to do

Sammy: "You must finish all that work before lunch."
Mancebo: "Somebody lied to you."
by makinde October 07, 2003
5 5
When a car stops at a light or stop and someone usually smashes your window to grab a purse or something of value from your car.
This usually happens in the city of New York or in Puerto Rico, or wherever their are Puerto Ricans. (Beware)
Andy:Wow what happen to your car?
Janet: Some puerto rican smashed my window and tried to take my purse while I was waiting for my friend but I sprayed him with mace and then I threw his boriqua butt out.
Andy: Good one janet!! So he did not get your white check...good.
by makinde October 03, 2003
6 7
A card used to buy food for folks who are very lazy and want to live on welfare and depend on the rest of the state to pay for them. Usually folks that come from rat infested places like North Chicago. Poor excuse for a city.
1.Excuse me ma'am are you going to use the link card because you are holding up the line with them 2 carts full of food. And we only have 2 cashier;s here at Aldi's
by makinde October 01, 2003
46 75