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A Puerto Rican. Be it male or female
"Yo soy boriqua, pa que tu los sepa!"
by R0SiE May 01, 2005
From Puerto Rico, derived from Boriqua the original name of Puerto Rico before the spaniards came to teh island.
I am a proud Boriqua honey from the Bronx!
by ChiAli February 24, 2005
A person who was BORN in Puerto Rico. Those of Puerto Rican heritage born in continental USA don't count.
1. I was born in Puerto Rico, therefore I am Boriqua
2. I am from the Bronx, therefore I'm Boriqua de corazon
by Stephanie T. September 07, 2005
A half hispanic and half whatever (usually black though)
There are some beautiful boriqua's in Mexico.
by Eddie Kain August 02, 2005