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Someone who is intelligent. Stereotyped to be obnoxious, geeky and have no sense of humor. That isn't true. There are two types of smart, Book Smart and Street Smart.
Stranger: Hey Kid, want a piece of candy?
Street Smart Person: Thanks, but no thanks.

Teacher: What is 63 times 99?
Book Smart Person: It is 6237.
by blahbalh5567 September 03, 2010

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Someone who is better than you at something you are good at.
<Marketer>Oh, Jimmy the computer guy? He's just a geek. But my boss Karen is *Super* smart.

<Christian>Jeremy is such a smart person! Give him any just about any religious quote, and he can tell you who said it and usually which book of the bible it came from!

<Scientist>Bob's a smart guy. His conclusions are always in line with the numbers and he seldom resorts to philosophical arguments to prove his points.

<Fashion snob>My auto mechanic is such an idiot. If he cleaned up the waiting room a bit, replaced some old furniture, and put some interesting things on the walls, he could double his business!
<Cooler mate>So why do you use him?
<Fashion snob>He's good with cars!
by jovanzi April 19, 2012