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Someone who is better than you at something you are good at.
<Marketer>Oh, Jimmy the computer guy? He's just a geek. But my boss Karen is *Super* smart.

<Christian>Jeremy is such a smart person! Give him any just about any religious quote, and he can tell you who said it and usually which book of the bible it came from!

<Scientist>Bob's a smart guy. His conclusions are always in line with the numbers and he seldom resorts to philosophical arguments to prove his points.

<Fashion snob>My auto mechanic is such an idiot. If he cleaned up the waiting room a bit, replaced some old furniture, and put some interesting things on the walls, he could double his business!
<Cooler mate>So why do you use him?
<Fashion snob>He's good with cars!
by jovanzi April 19, 2012
8/6 (August Sex)

This is a day celebrating variety in sex partners, and just going for it.


"If you're with someone new, you know what to do!"

This is also a great day to try skydiving, pearl diving, bottle spinning, or just anything you have always wanted to do but just haven't yet.
My hopeful fuck buddy was ready to call it a night, but I said, "Why don't you come on over to my place instead? It's national fuck day!!"
by Jovanzi January 05, 2012

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