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a combination of the words smash and bang.
commonly used to describe the action of tools.
sister: "stop bloody smanging things around!"

girl 1#: damn jason is just a smang
by suzieqqq October 13, 2008
Basically, it's cum in a state of drippy-ness.
"Man, your sister has smang on her chin. Don't let her get it on my new carpet."
by youngbuns January 22, 2012
To smash and bang a girl at the same time. When it is insufficient to smash a girl and/or bang a girl there is only one option and that is to Smang her.
"Dang this chick is amazing. She's to special to just smash or to bangout, I have to Smang her.
by Jboneice October 30, 2010
adjective - disgusting, unattractive, unusable, discarded, undesirable, destitute
noun - a substance of above description
His mouth was open so wide I could see the smang stuck to his teeth.
by Dan Fab September 22, 2005