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The best TV show in the whole world, with the hottest guy in the whole world.
Person one: Hey, is that Smallville you're watching?
Person two: Yeah, isn't it the best show in the world?
Person one: OMG, Tom Welling is the hottest guy on Earth, and Krypton!
by Goober January 24, 2005
99 90
A young clark kent who discovers his powers in his teenage years...
o_O hmm hmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smallville
by Lexs Becks August 29, 2006
14 11
the best show on the planet because:
a) tom welling is the hottest man to walk the planet
b) because its just amazing to watch the clana get it on (if you know what that is then you rawk) and
c) because tom welling is the hottest man alive
Girl 1: what show is that hottie tom welling on and he constantly takes of his shirt?
Girl 2: oh that'd be smallville - Wednesdays 8 o'clock on the WB
by brandNEWrawks September 08, 2004
114 121
the best tv show ever.
tom welling is so fcuking hot :~
by fakehappykid December 08, 2004
54 69
The best show ever!
Has a EXTREMELY hot guy by the name of Tom Welling who plays young Clark Kent.
*also...He has not worn that costume yet(thank goose!)
If you are interested in superman you should watch smallville.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
43 62
(N.) What he said plus more. Actually, it IS worth watching. It's worth watching Superman cry and bitch about not having Lana. It's worth watching Lana do the same thing to Clark. It's worth watching Chloe do the same thing as well. It's worth watching Pete end up in the hospital from the latest Freak of the Week. It's worth watching the Kents in their over-dramatic form. It's worth watching Lex Luthor fall ass backwards into some crazy situation cause he can't mind his own buisness. It's worth watching at least five random people get killed each week and nobody cares because they were just extras. (the Star Trek situation) And it's worth watching the crazy, teenage mutant ninja freaks such as the Shapeshifting Superdyke, Tina Grier. So when you take all of this into consideration, it IS worth watching!
It's not a drama, it's a comedy!
by G-Union December 18, 2003
69 102
Describes an enterprise that once showed potential, but now has become pointless.
This show (job, relationship) used to be great, but now it's Smallvilled.
by MetropolisGal May 16, 2005
43 79