normally applied on battlefield 1942 but has moved on to some other games.
normally a small or abused kid who feels the only way he can be lary is on games where he knws no-one can get him and kno-one knows who he is.
somon who does generally crappy stuff.
can describe a hacker, a spawn raper, campwhore, or a chat abuser.
(allied)tubby pears:(allied)<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH
warining: 2 more team kills and your kicked

you fking smacktard, my spawnpoint! you dont need the points that bad do you! lamer
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
A derogatory term for a person who is amused by the ease of angering many online gamers. The person is so intrigued by this that he/she often cannot help but intimidate the other players.
Bob so frequently engaged in purposefully angering online gamers that he was known by much of the online gaming community as a smacktard.
by Ekdar May 18, 2004
Someone who behaves like a retard and talks a lot of smack, especially in online games.
Smacktard: I own you nubs
Smacktard killed a teammate
Smacktard killed a teammate
Someone: What a smacktard
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
Someone acting so retarded you want to smack him over the head.
That smacktard is planecamping
The smacktard ran the ship ashore.
That smacktard TK'd me as I was capturing a flag.
by md-mr April 20, 2003
A really irratating bastard usually aged 15 and under. Someone who derives pleasure from destroying other peoples gaming experience. Also know as a "waste of skin" (see fucktard)
You little asshole.. why are you such a smacktard?
by Bill Gates April 11, 2003
Commonly used in reference to a person on coke or any other hard drug
"Jason yeh I know that smack tard"

"Heres your rock ya little smack tard"
by VisOne March 25, 2003
Someone who insists on acting immature, often at the expense of fun of others.
Look at that smacktard over there, blowing up his own team.
by Knite March 20, 2003

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