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a person who is seen to be special and mentally retarded. they are easily idenifiable by the lack of common sense and geographical knowledge eg. the lake district is in scotland. they will also repeatidly ask you to pass them their imaginary rifle when encountered with a fox or similar creature. you are recommended not to approach one for the fact that they will cling to you like a leech until death do you part.
MILLER the lemon is a smacktard
Miller you a smacktard
by mr jack daniel December 19, 2005
A name believed to have originated from in game chat sessions within the immensely popular online game Battlefield 1942 (EA 2002). The name is applied to individuals who talk too much "smack" to the point where others might conclude that they are mentally challenged individuals (derogatory "tard").
Player_Newb: you homo, go f*@k your mother.
Player_Newb: you can all suck my di#k!

Vaderhater: Shut the hell up Smacktard!
by Money$hot July 22, 2004
A person that says or does things so unbelievably stupid that you feel the burning urge to smack them (repeatedly) upside the head.
Jim: Hey Bob, did you know that Mr. T was actually white?
Bob: (walks over, smacks Jim across the head) You fucking smacktard, do you even know what you're saying?
by Baron Von Kristophe May 16, 2007
The absolute greatest and funniest insult you can give a person. (recommended use is on popular online games)
~newbieMaN- yer a fag. quit being gay!yer a f**king homo and u need to die!

~You- Shut up u Smack Tard!
by HippySlayer October 21, 2004
A person who doesn't play by the social rules in a online game. Originated in the Sandbox mod of Battlefield 2, to describe "retarded" players who "smacked" people with props and did generally douchebaggy things. Akin to the Mingebag of Gmod.
Smacktard - "Lol I pwned your ramp with my Stunting DPV"

*Smacktard places explosive barrel at the bottom of a large ramp that you spent 5 min. building*

*Smacktard loads a huge dildo, crashes the server*
by fermatx April 26, 2009
An idiot or moron that needs to be beaten senseless. Derived from "smack" and "retard". A step above asshat.
Hitler was a smacktard.
by deadzombie August 13, 2004
smacktard -

The idea of someone being so retarded they deserve to be smacked.

This word is extremely flexible and can be used in almost any context.
if someone blocks you, you might say :

"bah, smacktard"

or how about this situation

* 1337boi has joined the channel
<ace> The smacktardidity in this channel has increased by 50%
by john July 09, 2004
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