n. Someone who says something so stupid, that you want to smack them. Esp. when interjected into an exchange as an intrusive third party.

v. online emote form, /smacktard. Smack the person that said something stupid.
The forumn regulars were getting tired of all the smacktards dropping in to troll.

Where does Fox News Corp dig up all these smacktards pretending to be experts?
by NastyDiaper May 23, 2006
Someone too unrepentantly stupid to be called a wordfucktard. Smacktards actually are trying to be stupid.
Your friends are such a pack of smacktards....cuz they keep on hanging out with a wordfucktard like you.
by Balzac February 18, 2003
n. - A person that lacks intellegence and/or common sense, to the point of seeming to be mentally retarded, who is not actually a retard, thus making it socially acceptable to smack them as needed. This condition is currently commonly caused by exposure to online chat rooms, and was previously mostly caused by smack (heroin, not cocaine as suggested by other definitions, and part of the origin of the term, if not part of the current evolution.)
______ is such a Smacktard after he shoots.

Everyone in Barrens chat is a Smacktard.
by Ryyn May 25, 2008
Someone who says things that are so stupid or obvious that you just want to smack them upside the head.
Fey: Now how do I get this up?

Lana: You might want to rephrase that...

Jake: Yeah...



Everyone: Um, no Josh...


Jake: Smacktard...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Eliot: 'Fucktard' is the best expression ever.

Laura: No, 'smacktard' is. You smack a smacktard, but you don't fuck a fucktard.

Eliot: Yeah, well you don't arse a hole either...


Laura: WTF...
by q(^0^)p April 23, 2008
It didn't originate in online gaming as has been suggested, and has actually been around since the mid 1990's.
Smacktard defines a drug dealer selling drugs or, as some forms are known, smack, that also happens to be a retard.


It has recently been embraced by the world of podcasting after being introduced to 'Punky Radio by Kaje.
You are a smacktard.
You are all smacktards.
Sam is a smacktard.
by James Reilloc February 03, 2006
1. Insult used by nerds to sound imposing. Often written in forums the world over.
I t0tally pwned that smacktard!!
by RCD July 03, 2005
Noun. A derivation of the word "Smackhead" (which denotes a heroin addict). Someone who is such a worthless bastard or idiot that they might as well be a full-on heroin junkie. This did not, as most of the current definitions suggest, originate from internet gaming, because it has been in use for the last 10 years or more. The author of this definition recalls using as well as hearing the word circa 1992.
"If you think this word originated from Battlefield '42, you're more of a smacktard than I thought."
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005

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