1. Working the corner.
2. The act of staring at a girl that you have no chance of getting.
1. She is always sluttering after work.
2. "Dude, stop sluttering. You're drooling on my paper."
by Prez December 30, 2004
Top Definition
1.pontification under duress*
2.a kind of drunk muttering*
3.A kick-ass song by the greatest band ever, Jawbreaker. It's track 11 off of their last studio album, "Dear You"
1,2&3- Go out and buy the cd and listen to the song. And when you're done, go out and buy all of their albums.
*note, these definitions are straight from Blake, the man who wrote the fucking song*
by JetBlack1089 August 04, 2005
1) A word to give this state a name, this game a guess
2) It means as little as your little test
Man, that Katie is always sluttering.
by Me March 17, 2005
Drunk to the point of slurring, slutting, stuttering
"She was already sluttering and it wasn't even dark yet."
by bombmomdotcom January 25, 2015
Slurring your words while stuttering.
The patient with a possible stroke was sluttering his speech!
by The Vortex! August 02, 2011

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