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1.pontification under duress*
2.a kind of drunk muttering*
3.A kick-ass song by the greatest band ever, Jawbreaker. It's track 11 off of their last studio album, "Dear You"
1,2&3- Go out and buy the cd and listen to the song. And when you're done, go out and buy all of their albums.
*note, these definitions are straight from Blake, the man who wrote the fucking song*
by JetBlack1089 August 04, 2005
1) A word to give this state a name, this game a guess
2) It means as little as your little test
Man, that Katie is always sluttering.
by Me March 17, 2005
Slurring your words while stuttering.
The patient with a possible stroke was sluttering his speech!
by The Vortex! August 02, 2011
1. Working the corner.
2. The act of staring at a girl that you have no chance of getting.
1. She is always sluttering after work.
2. "Dude, stop sluttering. You're drooling on my paper."
by Prez December 30, 2004