(sler-pea) n.
1. A tight lipped butthole sucking.

2. Popular 7/11 frozen beverage.

V. Slurped
Adj. Slurptastic

Synonyms: slurpoo

Antonyms: fellatio
"Dude, Jen gave me the best slurpee last night."
"Did you hear how many slurpees Jen sucked out last week?"
by carcass July 19, 2014
slang for someone of indian, pakistani, bangladeshi or sri lankan backgrounds
Look at that Slurpee
by rxm0b0be November 03, 2010
the act of receiving oral stimulatin from a babe until you erupt both piss and jizz all over her mouth, face, tits... you name it
R.jiga: yo nigga where were you at?

G.chav: man i was just at 7-11, i know the chick that works there so i got myself a free chili dog and a slurpee.
by LasPlagas October 21, 2009
Pussy licking
"I gave that girl a slurpee last night"
by Justin got arrested January 24, 2014
a "slut" who probably has "herpies"
bro watch out for that karen chick i hear she's a slurpee
by thatguyyadigg February 15, 2010
In addition to the drink, code word for alerting your girfriend that you want to cut out and get a blowjob (while in a public place) or that she wants to cut out and blow you.
"wannna go get a slurpee?"
by kaizersoze124 May 30, 2005
A term in tennis when you hit an overhead and it bounces so high that it goes over the fence or into the stands.
That was definitely a slurpee shot
by Del Potro 2 August 31, 2010

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