A word used to describe many things. Particularly hurricanes and lightswitches.
I don't know...it was raining really hard and the wind was blowing...I think a slurpee is coming! or Hey bitch, go turn on the slurpee.
by ritaisyomama June 28, 2007
inserting a popsicle into the woman's vagina and allowing it to melt, you proceed to slurp it out.
Rob gave Brittany a grape slurpee last night and now he has purple lips.
When you jizz and piss all over your hand and then rub it in a girls face to lick.
Damn!!! Last night, my hoe was getting all frothy on me so I decided to give her a sip of my slurpee!!!
by xxBannananzzxx December 27, 2007
Nearly frozen pop or juice made by 7-11
I love Dr. Pepper slushees from 7-11
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
Another word for felatio, blow job, etc.
Want me give you slurpee?
by David March 21, 2003
a sexual act in which the male sucks out of their partners anus using a straw then consequently vomiting all over their body.
Brent gave Julie a slurpee and made a huge mess in her basement.
by SlurpeeMan September 21, 2007
oral sex performed in the parking lot of, or behind a 7-11 convenience store
"After that wicked slurpee, Nikki went in and got me a double gulp Mountain Dew. Bitch is good for two things at least"
by K-rizzzle November 03, 2005

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