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inserting a popsicle into the woman's vagina and allowing it to melt, you proceed to slurp it out.
Rob gave Brittany a grape slurpee last night and now he has purple lips.
When you jizz and piss all over your hand and then rub it in a girls face to lick.
Damn!!! Last night, my hoe was getting all frothy on me so I decided to give her a sip of my slurpee!!!
by xxBannananzzxx December 27, 2007
Nearly frozen pop or juice made by 7-11
I love Dr. Pepper slushees from 7-11
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
Another word for felatio, blow job, etc.
Want me give you slurpee?
by David March 21, 2003
a sexual act in which the male sucks out of their partners anus using a straw then consequently vomiting all over their body.
Brent gave Julie a slurpee and made a huge mess in her basement.
by SlurpeeMan September 21, 2007
oral sex performed in the parking lot of, or behind a 7-11 convenience store
"After that wicked slurpee, Nikki went in and got me a double gulp Mountain Dew. Bitch is good for two things at least"
by K-rizzzle November 03, 2005
During the act of giving fellatio, instead of swallowing, letting it drip back down on the guy during the "afterglow" so he has to clean it up.
Jim usually had a large amount of ejaculate. Judy didn't want to swallow all of it, so she just gave him a slurpee.
by Ellay June 01, 2005