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The act of sledding while drunk.
Friend 1: Snowday today! what should we do?

Friend 2: Let's go slunking.

Friend 1: Hell yeah
by LeahandHailey February 11, 2010

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To hesitate or put off doing something you should do.
You need to stop slunking with that situation!!
by DGS NAS June 21, 2010
a. To Slunk. Original incarnation of punk dancing incited in the early 70's through Garage Rock veterans the Pussy Throat Ghosts, the Garage Rock genre later became what is now known as Punk in the mid 70's. The dance style mainly featured shoulder barging and later metamorphosed into what is now known as Moshing
When the Stooges asked the crowd to slunk all hell broke loose when the slunking got out of hand
by wilbur smith February 19, 2013
The sport of jumping into a ditch of water or snow, being awarded points on distance, height, and style of jump.
The slunking competition was going well.
by stephfro23 February 03, 2010