Slumpy (singular) or Slumpies (plural) -

Most often used in marketing and media interpellation, a slumpy is a socially liberal, urban-minded, physically conservative yuppie between the ages of 18 to 36.
"This used to be my 'hood. But since its gentrification 10 years ago, er, excuse me, since its 'revitalization,' its become an anthill of latte-sucking, yoga mat-toting white slumpies."

yuppies gentrification marketing business demographics revitalization neighborhood yoga white Anglo professionals
by Simon Moya-Smith February 09, 2012
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A poor young polar bear, who can only be saved with the use of FAP Energy. Hence the phrase, 'saving Slumpy.'
Time to save Slumpy!
by wrongowrong October 30, 2012
A fuck buddy (woman in most cases) that helps you break out of a dry slump. A friend with benifits that you wouldnt go out in public with
Last night I just went home and called a slumpy to come over.
by acebone August 06, 2011
Feeling sad, crapy and crummy just having a slumpy day.
(A girl wearing a jogging suit and her hair is up in a bun)
"She's so slumpy today I wonder what happened"?

(Someone just being lazy)
"I'm going to be slumpy today just because".
by Justine Snell April 17, 2014
A soft turd that slumps when it hits a hard surface and has a low angle of resolution. If landing in water spreads out and floats, needing a courtesy flush. Very smelly.
I'd rather step on a horse apple than in a cow slumpy.
by John 999996 August 28, 2008
Everything and anything so horrifically bad that you could imagine possible to say about or to another girl.
Oh my gulosh, that slumpy just put her hand in my face like she's the shiznat or something!
by Lexis Baker December 31, 2005
Slumpy is the act of walking down the street. You then see a woman with a new born baby, up to 2 months old. You then take the baby out of the woman's arms. You throw the baby on the ground, while you go and eat out the woman's eyes, making sure she sees you throw her baby on the ground first. Now that she can't see, you throw her on the ground and cut open her stomach with a piece of rusty scrap metal. You then grab the screaming infant and shove it back inside of its mother, putting a straw in its mouth so it can breathe. Then you sew her stomach shut with barbed wire. Now that the baby is taken care of, and she can't see, you start to have sex with her. (Was too long to write all of it, so I'll continue it in another one)
Aaron: I really want to slumpy this girl who just had a kid.
Ashley: I don't know, man. That can be pretty tricky. Heard a lot of people get caught.
by BitchLover6969 September 21, 2010

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