Expression that arises in random conversation, particularly after reading a description manual in a foreign language.
"Stop Ikke Sluit."
"squiggly line, dash dot half square, backwards E. Omg! Sluit!"
"Ya mum is a Sluit."
by Bo0b May 17, 2006
Top Definition
Its an elegant type of slut.

A slut in a suit

Slut + suit = Sluit.

Pronounced = Slewt
*nathan and David are in a lawfirm*

Nathan: Dayum Davey boy look at that Sluit
David: she fine boy.. she fine.
by nathanazzi September 21, 2011
A very stupid a crazy baboon shaped creature that is facsinated with his eyes and has long hair
see that egotistical bitch with his display picture as his eye, what a sluit
by Rhys December 31, 2004
A pro gamer that is at the top of his preformance after having done sexual activities.
OH shoot, I just got pwned by a sluit! He must be dliz0rz pr0n!
by Meowfoo May 18, 2005
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