To hold one's head at an unseemly angle so it appears in photo's that the person's head is a slug coming up from the neck of the body. While bounching on the balls of the feet and proclaiming you know what you are talking about, because of the establishment you work in. While emphasising you're over reliance on a few key words to accert your inner most desires to be loved. You may also be seen slugging while waiting for a comrade.
Person 1: I know what I'm talking about, this drink is the best ever. I work in a pub.

Person 2: Dude, stop slugging. You collect glasses
by Shock&Awe May 12, 2013
Top Definition
Slugging is the act of rubbing vaseline all over the front of your naked body, then sliding around like a slug on your kitchen floor (or any floor where it is possible to slide, tarmac is ill advised).
I heard that guy was caught Slugging by his father last night, what a pervert.
by Lil' Will October 30, 2012
When a female gets cream pied so her pussy is all gloopy. She then drags her pussy across the floor resembling a slug trail
Lets do some slugging!!!
by CathalWeirdNameWTF July 10, 2015
The act of covering ones self in petroleum jelly and then proceeding to mimic a slug.
Guy 1: What are you doing this weekend?
Guy 2: My girlfriend and I were going to go slugging at the mall.
by Crypt of Lieberkuehn November 18, 2011
Slugging is anonymous ride-share, with drivers who need extra people to legally drive on high-occupancy lanes on congested highways.

Slugs are the people lined up for rides in convient areas that are accessible to commuters. See definition for slugs.

When slugging there is etiquitte, and etitquitte policing by others in the car who are also slugging. This is to assure a continious supply of drivers. For example, you don't want to pull out your butterfly net and try to catch butterflies in the car you are getting a ride in. Farting and really bad breath are not recommended, but bathing is, and not with garlic soap. Picking your nose and wipping your buggers on the seats is frowned upon. Screaming at the driver or other drivers, that he is a facist, polluter, WASP, pig and other name calling is also not recommended, and discouraged by other slugs.

In fact it is best to keep the conversation on the lite side. This does not mean ethnic or gender, sex orientation jokes, especially ones that are offensive and rude. Cussing is frowned upon. It is recommended that you do not adjust the radio or steal the persons cd's no matter how much you like their music. When coughing it is best not to wipe one's hands on the seat or door handle.

It is best not to go slugging to work after a long night of drinking especially if you vomit on these occassions. Most people slugging have said that they have not had good luck getting rides from people after picking their sores and talking about their recent contagious disease relapses.

It is good not to ask personal questions like could you sit on my hand or ask them about their young kids and tell them how much you enjoy kids. But that you cannot have them because you are a sex offender.

If you are a cutter and bleeder don't do this when slugging.

No matter how tempting and inspired you are it is good to think about your compliments. A white guy telling a black man that he never thought he'd be driven around town by a black man in a caddy, is about is nice as a black guy telling a white guy he never in his wildest dreams thought he'd have a white driver in some fancy car driving him around town for free.

No matter how tempting it is slugs don't steal the persons jewelry, GPS, or any other easy to reach item. Nor do they rob the person at gun or knife point or even demand sex of any kind.

Slugging is more of an art than a science. Much of the art is in being wonderful and being as pleasant as possible without breaking into John Denver or the Carpenters song catalog, no matter how well sing out of key or how you do it to make them happy by doing so.
I have been slugging to work for years. I don't have to feel guilty about putting slugs in the public bus change collecting machines, to get a free ride.

Instead I feel great about getting driven to work free in a rich guys fancy car. And most of the time the guy is actually greatful to give me the ride, since he can get to work much faster.

by mlhiss May 22, 2008
Acting dumb; performing an activity slowly;
You won't be able to catch up to me if you keep slugging like that.
by TaShun Booher October 15, 2006
The act of furiously cumming over a female after sex until they're a slimey and screaming.
I totally went slugging last night.
by The Bakertron February 08, 2014
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