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The slutty girls, typically seen on college campus', wearing uggs and occasionally spandex pants. They are commonly freshman and found with huge fucking sunglasses.
slut + ugg = Slugg.
Suzy: Hey, Beth don't i look so hot in these new Uggs?
Beth: U r a total bitch and we are hot shit
Suzy: Let's go to the bars and get wasted and be total sluts!!!
Beth: OK! Don't forget ur huge ass sunglasses and Ugg's
Suzy: I never do u whore!

(at a party)
Suzy: Who the hell is this mutherfucker! Who the FUCK do you think you are, bitch! Get the fuck off me!
Your Response to a bitchass Slugg:
Man get this fucking bitch ass slugg outa here bitch! go! Get OUT!
by Brady S and Jordan Z October 21, 2006
Gold or platinum grill.
"...while that be swell, and i'm slugged up, the chamillion be tatted and thugged up..." - chamillionaire
by aggtown March 31, 2005
Nasty, grimy, dirty, decrepid ass ugg boots.
Woah girl. Those sluggs. Two winters too long.
by Cp3 May 30, 2013
Sluts+Uggs. Sluts wearing Ugg Boots and mini skirts.
Hey, check out the Sluggs lining up at the disco.
by ARCHicago January 16, 2009
Sluggs. They wear lots of foundation, take pictures of themselves wearling hardly any clothers, where you can see all the way down their top. The type of girl who has milllions of guys after her.
"Ewww Look at her pic"."yep shes deffinately a slugg"
by Kiplinn February 09, 2010
A 12-18 year old girl who wears a tonne of foundation and wears UGG boots.
She poses with her expensive mobile phone and wears a low-cut top with a full view of her cleavage (show off)
She usually goes to a state school and she speaks very foul language.
Eurggh look at that slugg!
by CatzillaHG February 07, 2010
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