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2 definitions by Cp3

Sometimes, females get out of line in their dealings with you (cursing at you, cheatin on you, spendin your money, etc). When this happens you gotta check that bitch, which means either verbally or physically letting her know who the man is in the situation. Failure to check a bitch leads to a man becoming a simp who women don't respect. All macks know that checkin a bitch is a crucial part of the game.
)How to check a bitch and how not to check a bitch)
Simp: Please honey stop the yelling I'm sure we can figure this out.

Mack: Bitch you need to shut the fuck up. I don't know who you think you are but the man is talking right now and you don't ever speak to me like that ya hear?
by cp3 April 22, 2008
Nasty, grimy, dirty, decrepid ass ugg boots.
Woah girl. Those sluggs. Two winters too long.
by Cp3 May 30, 2013