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5 definitions by aggtown

-A joke played on someone. Someone getting played for a fool.

-Also, someone who is fake or is a joke.
"I felt like a dumbass when that nigga hit me with the okie doke."

"I keep it real homeboy. I ain't no okie doke."
by aggtown March 31, 2005
210 107
Wood grain covered steering-wheel; wood grain panel
"Ridin slab in my lac seville, working wood wheel"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
60 9
Gold or platinum grill.
"...while that be swell, and i'm slugged up, the chamillion be tatted and thugged up..." - chamillionaire
by aggtown March 31, 2005
11 7
derived from "gangster"

Now, most commonly refers to someone who is at the top of their game.
Someone who has the respect of many; asscociated with having game, fashion, and money.
"that nigga is a G. He got it all"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
2 7
hype; off the chain.
Originally, getting cranked up or cranking a party up; Crunk eventually was derived from this.
"Bredren, you just missed the crunkest party of the year"

"Maaaaaan. I was so crunk when I came up $400 in craps"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
11 32