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-A joke played on someone. Someone getting played for a fool.

-Also, someone who is fake or is a joke.
"I felt like a dumbass when that nigga hit me with the okie doke."

"I keep it real homeboy. I ain't no okie doke."
by aggtown March 31, 2005
Wood grain covered steering-wheel; wood grain panel
"Ridin slab in my lac seville, working wood wheel"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
Gold or platinum grill.
"...while that be swell, and i'm slugged up, the chamillion be tatted and thugged up..." - chamillionaire
by aggtown March 31, 2005
derived from "gangster"

Now, most commonly refers to someone who is at the top of their game.
Someone who has the respect of many; asscociated with having game, fashion, and money.
"that nigga is a G. He got it all"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
hype; off the chain.
Originally, getting cranked up or cranking a party up; Crunk eventually was derived from this.
"Bredren, you just missed the crunkest party of the year"

"Maaaaaan. I was so crunk when I came up $400 in craps"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
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